Hear Patti's story and how she founded The Kimberly Coffey Foundation 
to promote awareness about the need to vaccinate against the 
5 most common types of bacteria that cause meningococcal disease, including MenB.

The Meningococcal Disease Knowledge Gap
The National Meningococcal Disease Awareness Survey polled 2,011 U.S. parents ages 30+ of teens or young adults 16 to 23 years of age and was conducted online in March 2016 by Harris Poll on behalf of the 
Kimberly Coffey Foundation and Pfizer.

They were asked about meningococcal disease, group B meningococcal disease, and vaccines.

After learning that there are 2 different vaccines for

group B meningococcal disease and groups A, C, W and Y1:


of parents said before taking the 
survey, they did not understand the 
difference between group B  
and other groups of 
meningococcal disease


Nearly 9 out of 10 parents (89%) 
said group B meningococcal disease  
is something all parents should be 
protecting their children against, but 
only 30% of parents reported that 
their teen or young adult was 
vaccinated against group B


of parents said prior to the 
survey, they didn't know or 
weren't sure if there was one type 
of meningococcal vaccine that helps protect against groups A, C, W, Y 
as well as a different vaccine that 
helps protect against MenB


Help protect yourself and your loved ones 
by learning about a MenB vaccine

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Reference : 1. Data on file. Pfizer 2016.

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